Social network platform minds

Because the platform is open source, it is designed so that anyone can add to it and improve it, and use it for both building and sharing things. Com youll be able to follow people on any gab social server and beyond.

Minds your social network wefunder.

In june 2017, the company raised over 1 million in an equity-crowdfunded sale. Consider free document verification.

Social network platform minds

Bitcoin evangelist john. The decentralized social media platform minds is making moves to implement the ethereum blockchain into its core features.

Minds the new, super-private, super-open social network.

After launching in 2015, has quickly grown to one million registered accounts and over 73 million unique page views. Minds is a social network that put users privacy, visibility, and content at the forefront without selling users to advertisers.

Social network platform minds

We are a fully open source social networking platform for internet freedom. Turkey criticizes german populism after merkel shift on eu membership.

The minds points system proved the massive demand for a social network built around user rewards. Theoretically, someone could use the minds social network to build their own social network.

I believe in free speech, but minds makes me queasy engadget.

Shishler bitcoin games. Minds describes itself as a crypto social network, an open-source, decentralized platform that upholds internet freedom.

It is designed to protect free speech and open discourse, laudable. Blockchain product lead.

Other cofounders were mark harding, ian crossland, and jack ottman. Price catapults crypto market.