Off ieo with latoken

Latoken is based on a profitable home equity marketplace and a back office for hedge funds founded by valentin preobrazhenskiy, who invested 1 million in these businesses.

Volum kicks off ieo with latoken exchange to let traders.

The latoken team has a strong track record in hedge fund management, development of marketplaces, trading terminals and has worked at companies such as avega capital, barclays, deutsche bank and mckinsey.

Off ieo with latoken

Latoken is a top 20 cryptocurrency exchange specialized in providing liquidity for new digital assets.

Latoken - youtube.

This year we are going to list la on other major crypto exchanges, making it easy and comfortable for our community to trade it.

Off ieo with latoken

Cloud operating system’.

Unspecified blockchain interoperability.

Astrcoin ieo latoken.

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To facilitate its use, well make transaction fees for all the operations in la 50 cheaper than those in other cryptocurrencies.

Using latoken you will be the maximum precision to the incoming information and fair conduct of transactions in these assets.