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5, the supported nvidia gpus are maxwell or pascal-based ones (compute 5. The performance we are seeing is similar to that of the original keccak algorithm, so you can expect to see similar performance if you have mined a keccak-based coin recently.).

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We have received some requests for the fastest public fork of ccminer for the keccak algorithm and it seems that the version from alexis78 is giving one of the best performances out there from the popular open source forks. To this aim einsteinium (emc2) was created, a new cryptocurrency (similar to bitcoin), to gather funds that can be distributed to projects the community chooses.

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The 900 series, powered by the nvidia maxwell architecture, has been superseded by the nvidia turing architecture, made for gamers and creators. So if you are mining whirlpoolx on nvidia-based video cards or leasing your hashrate you might want to update your miner to the appropriate version depending on your gpus.

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Nvidia keccak - crypto mining blog.

If you are wondering which altcoin is driving the demand and profitability for keccak lately it is apparently smartcash (smart), prior to that there was also a short peak for maxcoin (max) as well a couple of weeks ago. Info modified codebase, improved algo support as this is the first full release for those looking for a nicehash alternative.

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Suqa cryptonight miner dash asic miner bitcoin automated trading technobit decred asic ccminer 1. The einsteinium foundation was created to help, in any small way it can, raise funding for cutting edge scientific research.