Growing china interest

A growing number of businesses in the region have identified china as an important export market.

Industrial production growth plunged to an over 15-year low, while investment, especially in the secondary sector, softened further.

Growing china interest

Donald trump is bent on fixing the problems between china and the united states, but he has not addressed the root causes of the problem.

Growing inbound tourism interest in china1- chinadaily.

Uae-based e-commerce site noon recently announced its entry into the far east, but so far, the digital economy cooperation between china and the middle east has mostly benefitted china to date.

Growing china interest

Economic dynamics continued to moderate in august, especially in trade-related sectors.

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Chinas interest in agriculture growing.

Largest foreign exchange.

Chinas growing military engagement in africa is aimed at advancing beijings economic and strategic interests, in particular its belt and road initiative.

Central bank report acknowledges.