Biometrically securing transactions

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Securing online transactions using biometrics in mobile phone.

A biometrically secured memory ic is disclosed for biometrically securing digital data stored therein. Capital bitcoin fund.

Biometrically securing transactions

A user computer system having a trusted platform module is used for storing security information relating to. These sites provide secure transactions and dispute resolution services.

Us20120166810a1 - biometrically securing and transmitting.

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The memory ic comprises a biometric sensing device such as a fingerprint imager and an integrated circuit. The biometric sensing device and the integrated circuit are irremovably bonded together such that the sensing device and the integrated.

A secure server stores security information for a plurality of users and authorizes transactions being conducted by these users. A system and method are disclosed for conducting secure electronic transactions using dual-authentications.

Us patent for biometrically secured memory ic patent.

Use a reputable third-party pay service such as paypal for online transactions whenever possible. Puts bitcoin price.

The ibm blockchain founder. It gives us great satisfaction that almost all of the transactions and disbursements that take place via easypaisa today are biometrically verified, said shahid mustafa, president & ceo, telenor microfinance bank.

Gains regulator approval. In a mobile phone to make e-transactions more secure and the model is very cost effective.